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Samuel Davies

Samuel Davies

Live Sound Director & Engineer  |  Film and Media Composer

Education | Bangor University: 

MMus Composition & Sonic Art (Distinction) 

BA Music  (1st Class) 


Freelance Film and Media Composer - 3 Years

Daniel Gorton

Media Creator  |  Photographer  |  Videography Director

Education | Bangor University: 

MMus Composition & Sonic Art - (Merit) 

BA Music  - (1st Class) 


Media Creator for DYLAN'S Restaurants 


More than just a partnership... 

We've been a team from the beginning. We push each other to do more, create better and offer our best service. Always discovering and always learning, we're proud of everything we create.

Through thick and thin, long hours and long journey. We honestly learn more about each other and ourselves every day, strengthening our teamwork and producer better content because of it.

The SDG Journey so far: 

June 2022 -
DG becomes Full Time

Sep 2021 -
SD & DG Graduate

June 2021 -
DG Media Creator Internship 

July 2021 | 2020 -
SD University Awards 

Feb 2019 -
SDG's First Commission

Nov 2018 -
Petition to Promote Music

DG is now a full time Media Creator, working freelance with SDG and part-time work for DYLAN'S Restaurants.

SD and DG both graduate Bangor University with a Distinction and Merit MMus Composition & Sonic Art

DG becomes the Media Creator for North Wales Dragons Community Football Team through the Santander University Internship Scheme. 

SD is awarded the Parry Williams Music Prize for both Composition and Postgraduate Studies during his studies at Bangor University. 

SD visits DG's student house in their second year of their music undergraduate degrees. With microphones, speakers and cameras galore, SD realises the potential of a collaboration like no other. "We should start a studio...", SD says. They soon create SDG, a media production group initially formed to help promote the amazing work and performances within the Bangor University School of Music.   

For the 2019 Bangor Music Festival, SDG works with CoDI ELECTRONICS: Swansea Laptop Orchestra to create a live album of performances.

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